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Cutting Grass (Story Time)

Story Time! I'm sitting here in a café with air-conditioning on my laptop working on a Modern History assignment while sipping on a smoothie when I look outside and to see a women. This is a young Khmer woman who is sitting in knee high grass in a public park with a black garbage bag next to her and a knife in hand (like a cleaver or something). She is cutting the grass. Yep in the middle of the day in the heat of the sun cutting the grass with nothing but a knife. She was there when we arrived and has been at it for over an hour now. She is sweating and is slowly cutting the grass one handful at a time; perseverance. As I watched this woman cut the grass one handful at a time I realized just how lucky, blessed and privileged we are. We often take it all for granted. We are comfortable. We have education and stable jobs. Yet we complain about a broken computer, the broken air-con, if the food is too cold or when we have too much work. Yet this amazing young women is out there worki…

My Realisation (Rant)

Hi readers,
This is going to be a short post because I just want to share with you a thought that I had the other day. So, yesterday during church I had a great realisation. I was sitting there (I don't know what we were talking about that made me think of this) and I thought to myself "I need to starting living in the moment." And I don't mean like Yolo. I used to think that it meant living for what will make me feel food right now, for what I want and desire in this moment. So I was kind of against the though of living in the moment. But I realized that's what I was doing when I procrastinated.
By living in the moment I mean doing what is best for me right now. We all have goals in our life. We have daily goals; Finish my homework, Cook dinner. We have weekly goals; Study for this exam, keep the house clean. We have yearly goals; Finish with all As, loose weight. And we all have lifelong goals; Get my dream job, be happy with who I am. With those goals in min…

Things People Don't Tell You About Being a Missionary

So, this is my first time being a missionary (And I hope it's not my last). But there was very little and I new about being a missionary when we first came here. So here are some of the things I was not prepared for when becoming a missionary.
You will be lonely; Since leaving Canada I have learnt who my real friends are which has resulted in me letting go of some false friends which has been great! I have made a few really good friends that I have grown closer to. But it is very hard not being about to actually be with them. I can't hug them, have a coffee with them or laugh with them. I love them, but I do get lonely. We really appreciate it when people send us letters or emails, Skype with us and just don't forget about us!Things won't go as expected; Yes, that's right. Plans don't go to plan and some things just don't happen. It's hard when things are unpredictable but going into things we are learning to expect the unexpected. Sometimes plans will …