Things People Don't Tell You About Being a Missionary

So, this is my first time being a missionary (And I hope it's not my last). But there was very little and I new about being a missionary when we first came here. So here are some of the things I was not prepared for when becoming a missionary.
  1. You will be lonely; Since leaving Canada I have learnt who my real friends are which has resulted in me letting go of some false friends which has been great! I have made a few really good friends that I have grown closer to. But it is very hard not being about to actually be with them. I can't hug them, have a coffee with them or laugh with them. I love them, but I do get lonely. We really appreciate it when people send us letters or emails, Skype with us and just don't forget about us!
  2. Things won't go as expected; Yes, that's right. Plans don't go to plan and some things just don't happen. It's hard when things are unpredictable but going into things we are learning to expect the unexpected. Sometimes plans will be canceled, people won't show or you're not needed anymore. It happens and I used to get SO frustrated but it's a part of living in a third world country.
  3. You will get bored; The buzz of being a missionary comes and goes. Some days I just feel bored with life and bored. Going to teach  Khmer girls English is just a norm now and so is the crazy traffic. People aren't saved everyday and there are days we don't leave our house! It helps when we have people visit us because we get to revisit our excitement and wonder with them. We also love visiting new places in Cambodia. Personally I love getting out my camera and walking through town. I get to see things through a different lens and learn to appreciate things.
  4. You will feel guilty treating yourself; Because we live on donations an supporters we often feel guilty when we treat ourselves to a vacation or a new computer for example. You feel you always have to live up to expectations ans please the people who are behind you. You feel as if it's their money you are wasting and not using it for the mission. 
  5. You will have no idea what's happening back home; You won't always be able to keep up with what is happening back in your home country. I have no idea about the politics or happenings in Canada or Australia. We often aren't told what is happening with our friends and family too. Often in class people are talking about stuff going on and I have no idea what they are talking about. You don't hear about new movies, pregnancies, mission trips, birthdays, elections, ect. 
It often looks like I am having the time of my life (And I am), But there are things you might not know about being a missionary and people don't tell you about being a missionary. It's like we are in our own little world sometimes. I love being a missionary and I would want to be anywhere else but here. God is good!
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