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Dear readers, As some of you may know, on Monday we will be moving! No, not out of Cambodia or even out of Battambang. We will just be moving down the street into our own house that we will be renting. It's out of the center and not even three minute bike ride away. This will give us more privacy but also close enough to walk or bike ride to work/school. for the past month we have been living in a wonderful guest house on campus. It's a three story house. Mum and Dad sleep on the first, Yannick on the second and Jordy and I share a room on the third level. I have only seen the outside of the new house so far and I can't wait to see the rest. I have heard much about it. We have many fruit trees including mango and coconut trees, yummy! My sister Jordy and I will probably be sharing a room as usual. I will up date you next week. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for reading. Darcy-Rea

Culture and the center

Dear readers, The Khmer culture is obviously very different to any first world country's culture. 96% of the population here in Cambodia identifies themselves with Buddhism. As you know my family and I are here to bring people to the lord. Here at the center we have a nightly bible study and worship time. We gather around in a circle on the floor. The students sing to God in Khmer and we sit back and listen to the beautiful sounds, wishing we could sing along with them. One of my parents will usually lead the bible study. Each student here is provided with a bicycle. This is there mode of transport to and from school and markets. They may also bring their own if they have one. Some students even have motorbikes. This make for a fast trip. Due to the heat in the middle of the day many Cambodians take this time to sleep. This is the most quiet time of the day. The Cambodians also wake early and go to sleep late because those times are the most cool times of the day. The markets are…

The Simple Life

Dear readers, Today I am going to tell you about the simplicity of this beautiful country.  There houses are very simple. Traditionally the lounge-room, kitchen and dinning room are all one room. Most rooms in the house won't have air-conditioning, though the bedrooms might. The houses have a small surface aria, but very tall. Most people do their laundry by hand using rain water, a basin and a scrubby thing. To dry them, the cloths are hung on a cloths line outside, except when it rains. There are no road rules, it may seem like chaos to us but when you get used to it, you understand it better. Sure there are accidents, but what country doesn't? Thank you for reading! Darcy-Rea

Our Every Day Life

Dear readers,
Welcome to my blog! I decided to make this blog to 1)Show people my creativity through my photos 2) to give you a look into our life in Cambodia. I hope you enjoy.
We often play soccer with some neighborhood kids. they enjoy it just as much as we do even if we cannot communicate. We have played in the rain in a muddy field and that why the ball is so dirty. Our main mode of transport at the moment is cycling, though we are planning of buy and tuk-tuk in the future. We cycle to the market every morning to buy out food fresh for the day. We spend a lot of our time reading in the cool air-conditioning of our bedrooms. Cambodians in general don't enjoy reading so most book stores and libraries have English books.
I hope you enjoy my blog in the future weeks and months. I am planning on posting once to twice a week. Thank for reading and I hope you have a lovely day or evening.
Love, Darcy-Rea.