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Hey there,
Inspiration is not something that can be forced. It is something that can be encouraged and can be brought out from the depths of ones self. Inspiration is something that comes for deep with in. It can be evoked and stirred up. It is something that only lasts a while and must be taken advantage of in the moment. Sometimes we get inspired after a movie and feel like we should pack up and become a missionary. It can make us feel unstoppable. It makes us want to change the world.And when one person is inspired they can pass it on to another person and in turn they pass in on to another. I get inspired by people who gave up everything to give time, energy and their love to others in need. I feel inspired when people have passion. I feel inspired by a good book or amazing movie or video. These are the things that help me get out there, take, write and then post it for all you to read. It is what makes me want to serve with my whole heart and pursue my dreams. What gets you ins…

Essence of this City

Hi all, Earlier this week my brother and I set of to town to capture the essence of this city. I think we did pretty well. Here are just a a few of my favorite shots. I hope you like them. We biked half way into town then locked our bikes and set of on foot. Yannick carried the camera bag which held the different lenses. I challenged myself to take picture of people because I tend to be shy when taking pictures. I got a few and they turned out pretty well I think. We walked along the river until we couldn't go any further. Then we turned around and went back. I got a total of 97 photos. They ranged from flowers to children. I will post some more later on.  As always, thank you for reading. Darcy-Rea