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Ricky and Rosie

Hi everyone, Today I would like to introduce you to Ricky and Rosie! These two came to us about a month ago. They're adorable, playful, healthy sisters. They came from a village outside of town and found have been sent to a pagoda if they had not have found a home for them. The story of how they ended up with us is actually a really funny story.
So our friends the Ecks introduced us to Rose and Emily. Emily is from England and Rose is Khmer. They live really close to us with Rose's nephew Dom. Anyway, Emily put my mums number in her phone as Vince's friend as she forgot my mums name.
When they got the kittens they couldn't keep them because they have two dogs. They decided to ask Vince if their family would like to keep the kittens. But instead of texting Vince Emily texted Mum having just read Vince's and not the full name (Vince's friends). Mum said that we would love to see they kittens so they arranged to bring the kittens around one evening but they neve…


Last Friday we left for Pailin in the late morning. Pailin is a boarder crossing to Thailand. We went  there to get a new visa. We had to get a one month visa because we changed NGOs so that we could make it into a one year visa soon. It took about an hour and a half to get to the boarder and we spent two hours in Thailand. While there we ate lunch and had a good chat with our friend Sovan and our Taxi driver.  A pretty, little, dusty lantern and the pretty, little, dusty restaurant.  The sun hit this cloud in just the right places!  Time for some lunch! Hmmm, what should I have? We got back to Battambang with minimal  difficulties. We were always able to go straight up to the windows. No lines for us this time around! Our Taxi river and Sovan were extremely helpful as well. It was a relaxing time. But we wont have to do it again in a while anyway!
That's all I have for today. It's short by I wanted to write something! Have a blessed day and a fantastic week. Darcy-Re…