18 Things I learned This Year

Last year, for my 17th birthday, I shared 17 things I had learned that year. I’m a huge believer in everyone having something to teach you! So, for my 18th birthday, I decided to share 18 things I’ve learned this year. Many of these things I’ve learned from others. So, I’m just passing the knowledge on. And to go along with this I've included 12 of my favourite photos, one for each month of the past year.
1.When you give something fully and wholeheartedly to God, He’ll do great things with it!I have a problem with trusting God. Sometimes, I fear giving up control to God, even though I know deep inside me that He’s the best One to give things to. I know He will take good care of it and He knows what's best for me. But sometimes I still struggle to give everything to him. So, this past year, I’ve been learning a lot about trusting Him. So many times this past year, He asked me to give something to Him and I hesitated. But every time I give it to Him, He does something great with …

Je Veut Aller A L'ecole Biblique

Bonjour,  J'ai une super bonne nouvelle à partager avec vous! Par où devrais-je commencer? J'espère déménager au Texas l'an prochain!  
Si vous vous souvenez de mon blog vous savez que l'année dernière j'essayais de savoir quoi faire de ma vie après l'école secondaire. Au début, je voulais être missionnaire; Liban? Mongolie? Thaïlande?  Mais Dieu a rapidement fermé toutes ces portes. Ensuite, je voulais déménager dans l'état de l'Indiana, aux États-Unis. Mais je n'ai pas pu obtenir un visa de travail. Donc, j'allais ensuite déménager en Saskatchewan, au Canada. Mais pour différentes raisons, je croyais que c'était mieux pour moi de rester au Cambodge. Un jour j'étais assise dans un café et j'ai réalisé qu'il serait bon d'aller à l'école biblique! Pour quelle raison? Il y a une petite histoire derrière tout ça.

Mes parents se sont rencontrés à Capernwray Hall en Angleterre.  Capernwary (ou Torchbearers) ont des centres bi…

I'm Going to Bible School!!!

So, I have something exciting to tell you about! Where do I start? I'm hoping to move to Texas next year! Shall I explain?
Anyone who has kept up with my blog this past year would know that I've been trying to figure out what to do with my life after high school. At first, I wanted to be a missionary; Lebanon, Mongolia, Thailand. But God promptly closed all those doors. Then I wanted to move to Indiana. But I couldn't get a work visa. So, I was then going to move to Saskatchewan in Canada. But for multiple reasons, I believed it was best for me to stay. And one day I was sitting in a Cafe and I had a realization. I should go to Bible school! Why? This is a little bit of a story. 
My parents met at Capernwray Hall in England. Capernwary or Torchbearers have centres all over the world. Mum went to the one in England and then the one in Germany. My father went to the one in Austria then the one in England. When we lived in Canada we worked at the centre there. And my sis…

"What is love?"

“What is love? What would you say love is?” I was asked this the other day and I had no clue how to answer it. But I’ve been thinking about it a little bit. I’d say I love a lot of people and if I’m being honest with you, I’d say I think I love them well. But what does that even mean? Since I started following God I’ve learnt so much about what love is, especially his incredible, perfect love for me. Jesus is the ultimate example of love. He was a walking, speaking, breathing example of true love. But I still can’t put into words what love is. I think everybody’s answer would be different. I don’t know if you can actually perfectly describe it with one word or even a sentence. But I think you can show it with your actions. So, to me, these things are love. True love is based on God and a reflection of God. God is love so he is present in every loving relationship, encounter or heart. He’s my inspiration and model for love.True love is unconditional. It doesn’t matter who they were, ho…

Living in Community

Hey there,  You know, having teams is tiring. Long days of sweaty work then nights of restless sleep. You’re constantly answering questions and fixing problems. Always calling tuk-tuks and taking people places. There’s always cleaning to do and people to help. Sometimes food goes missing or things get broken. There is always cleaning supplies to buy and bike tires to pump up. When they finally leave I’m left exhausted. I finally sleep longer hours and the house is decently clean. I get alone time and free time. I look better because I have more time to get ready and rest more. I don’t spend so much money on coffee or tuk- tuks. But at the end of the day I wouldn’t have it any other way. When they leave I’m left sad. Missing the hustle and bustle that never seems to leave the house. There’s always somebody to talk to or do stuff with. Weekends are filled with meaningful coffee dates and memorable adventure days. I have a reason to wake up early and a reason to go to bed late. Worship is…

A Child's Trust For Their Father

Hey there,
So, the other day I saw a man pushing his son in a stroller through a park. They got to a road with a large drop down from the curb. The father was concentrating, trying hard to gently lower his son safely to the road below. The toddler strapped in inside was just staring blankly at the sky above without a worry in the world. He was just chilling there probably dreaming about the shapes of the clouds and the dinosaur he could see in them. He didn't seem to realize that his father behind him was working so hard to keep him safe and comfortable. He had such a total and oblivious trust that his father would take care of him. His father had total and complete control of the little boy's life yet he trusted him fully with it. You know when a father throws their child high into the air, then catching them as the child giggles and screams with joy? Imagine the amount of trust that that child had for their father in that moment. Children trust their parents to take care of…

A Little Encouragement from 1 Corinthians

Hey there,
I’m not writing today because it Valentine’s Day and I have a sappy love post (even though we are all incredibly loved by the God of the universe!) No, to be honest,I’m just here because I’m trying to post every week and I posted on Wednesday last week. So, here we are. I'm also here because I wanted to share what God has been teaching me while I've been absent from my blog. This is going to be a verse filled blog post. So, if you want you can read along with me. I'll be using my NIV Bible. I'll also be using the notes I took during my devotions. So, you’ll get a little glimpse into how I personally study the Bible.
The verse we'll be looking at is found in 1 Corinthians again. I start by reading it, writing it down, highlighting it (with a color code I have), circling words to define, box string or important word,  underlining words to cross-reference and just mark it up however I desire. Here’s what that looks like.

First of all, I love this verse! It …