If Only for the Two

Hey, As many of you already know I get the priviledge of being a missionary here in Cambodia and I LOVE it! We have a learning centre called Ezra where English id taught Monday to Friday and Bible School/ Study on Sundays. 80-120 kids come to Ezra each day from the ages of 5-25. They come from all kinds of backgrounds and we love all of them! They are beautiful on the inside and outside. They are fun and full of smiles and good times. How could one not love them!? Teaching English gives them skills that are valuable in the workforce here. Having good English can get you better jobs and help you be more successful in those jobs. It helps our students be able to interact with foreigners, which there is not shortage of in this country. It helps them get into better schools and ahve more opportunities in general. But we do what we do for than just education. English is a door for us to be able to teach the kids about God. English draws them in and then we get the opportunity to love them…

Why I haven't written in Forever... (A.K.A 5 Months)

So, I'm finally writing again!It's been five months since my last post and this is well overdue. But why? Why did it take me all this time to write another post? Why haven't I written and what have I been doing all this time? Well, you're in luck because that's exactly what I'm going to write about today.

First of all, Thailand happened. In April my family and I left Cambodia for two and a half weeks to vacation in Thailand. We had been here for two years and a break was in need. It was amazing, relaxing and well worth it. We spent a whole lot of time in the water and the sun plus plenty of down time in the air conditioning reading and relaxing. We went kayaking, snorkelling, hiking and just general adventuring. But when the time was up we were happy to get to go back home to our kids and our centre. Our time away helped us to see why we do what we do and just how much we love it all. And then...

Teams happened. We've had quite a few teams, interns and…

"Why Are You White?"

Hey everyone, Today let's talk about race and by 'race' I mean a group of people related by common descent or heredity or ethnic group. For example Asian or Hispanic/ Latino. God made so many different people; so many different looking people; so many different beautiful people. He made people with white, brown and black skin; with brown, black, blond and grey hair. He made people with long pointy noses or wide round noses. He created curly, wavy and straight hair. There are people with brown, green, grey, blue or black eyes. There are long eyes lashes or short eye lashes; tall or short people and so may different body types. It really is amazing the diversity in our appearances.  Ever since I was little race or ethnicity didn't make much of a difference to me. It didn't make me change the way I thought of somebody or the way I treated people. I had and still have friends in every ethnic group. It makes no difference to me. And I had never really met serious racis…

My Story

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry that I haven't written in ages! However, as usual I do have an excuse. If it is a valid one is up to your judgment. First of all I had written a full post a few weeks back but something weird happened and the whole things got deleted. Then I didn't feel like rewriting it... so I didn't. We also have had a lot of interns and teams around lately. Plus all the Christmas and new year stuff. I also have been thinking of what I wanted to talk about next and how to talk about it. In the end I decided to write out my testimony. It's going to be a long one. I've added some photos to hopefully break it up a little and make it a tad more interesting. So grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee, get comfortable and enjoy :)
I went to a Mennonite baptism and the minister told a story that I want to share first. There was a man in the Bible who was blind from birth. He had never seen before. And one day Jesus healed him. he could see for the first time…

Floating Village and World Race

Hi everyone, This past week has been amazing! Our first ever World Race team arrived on Thursday and let me tell you... They are amazing! There are seven of them; three boys and four girls all from the US. We love them all. They are such an understanding, kind hard working team and we have enjoyed having them so much thus far. Then on Friday they helped us host our first ever Youth Group! We had about 26 kids come to our house. The team sang a few songs then Brittni bravely gave our first youth group message every and did a wonderful job! She told the kids about the reason we as Christians celebrate Christmas and why Advent is so important to us. We played a games and had some snacks too. Some of the kids asked questions and Mum and Rose, our translator, answered them as best they could. The kids had some fantastic questions and I'm sure many of them will come back again next week. Today we went on a little adventure! We went out to our friends house which is a 2-3 hour boat rise…

Our Trip to Siem Reap

Hi Everyone, Before I start with todays post I just wanted to say sorry for not posting the past couple of weeks. I've been very busy lately and just couldn't find the time to write. I was house sitting so I had more "chores" than usual. It was my last week of school and we went to Siem Reap for a while. So yeah, I'm sorry about nor being around much. However, Now I'm done with school for two months so I'll probably be able to post every weeks for a while! Anyway, since I've been so busy I though I'd tell you about some of it. So, Last Saturday (26th) My whole family and I got on a bus at 8:00am and headed to Siem Reap for a four day stay. The bus only sat ten people and of that ten eight of us knew each other so it was a lovely rid their with friends. That evening e got together again with some friends who were also visiting Siem Reap. We had Pizza and good conversations.

On Sunday, our friends who live in Siem Reap picked us up at 7:30am in the…

Ricky and Rosie

Hi everyone, Today I would like to introduce you to Ricky and Rosie! These two came to us about a month ago. They're adorable, playful, healthy sisters. They came from a village outside of town and found have been sent to a pagoda if they had not have found a home for them. The story of how they ended up with us is actually a really funny story.
So our friends the Ecks introduced us to Rose and Emily. Emily is from England and Rose is Khmer. They live really close to us with Rose's nephew Dom. Anyway, Emily put my mums number in her phone as Vince's friend as she forgot my mums name.
When they got the kittens they couldn't keep them because they have two dogs. They decided to ask Vince if their family would like to keep the kittens. But instead of texting Vince Emily texted Mum having just read Vince's and not the full name (Vince's friends). Mum said that we would love to see they kittens so they arranged to bring the kittens around one evening but they neve…