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18 Things I learned This Year

Last year, for my 17th birthday, I shared 17 things I had learned that year. I’m a huge believer in everyone having something to teach you! So, for my 18th birthday, I decided to share 18 things I’ve learned this year. Many of these things I’ve learned from others. So, I’m just passing the knowledge on. And to go along with this I've included 12 of my favourite photos, one for each month of the past year.
1.When you give something fully and wholeheartedly to God, He’ll do great things with it!I have a problem with trusting God. Sometimes, I fear giving up control to God, even though I know deep inside me that He’s the best One to give things to. I know He will take good care of it and He knows what's best for me. But sometimes I still struggle to give everything to him. So, this past year, I’ve been learning a lot about trusting Him. So many times this past year, He asked me to give something to Him and I hesitated. But every time I give it to Him, He does something great with …