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The Caves

Hi all, Last week we visited a mountain close to town with the team from Canada. But this is no ordinary mountain. It is the site of a tragic event. Well one of the many sites. We visited the killing caves in Phnom Banon.  Thousands of people were killed and tortured at places like this one. But the photos I am going to show you today are not of the caves. 'Why?' you may ask. Because I believe you should see it for yourself. A still photo cannot capture the atmosphere feeling of a places like this. You have to see it, hear it, feel it to fully understand it. Have you ever been to a place like that and do you understand what I am trying to communicate? So instead the following photos are of a few of the adorable monkey we met along the hike. There were so many of them and I took so many photos of them. One of the smaller ones even climbed onto my lap and tried to steel my water bottle. Thankfully I was the one to walk away with it. Some of the were playing on hammocks or eatin…