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Different Angle

Dear readers,
yesterday our family were sitting down at our dinning room table eating our lunch when all of a sudden my sister runs out saying "It's going to rain. I have to get my cloths." The rest of us didn't think that much of it until it hit. The rain hit really suddenly. I saw it advance until we heard it hit the house. It sounded like a stampede was going over our house. It didn't last very long, not even five minute.
But as soon as it was over the sun came out. Some of our friends came over and played and hung out with us. As they were putting together a puzzle I went outside and took these pictures.
I love the rain. I love the smell of it and the sound of it on the roof. When I was a child I didn't like it. I didn't like storms. they scared me. But as I grew up I learnt to sit back and really look at my surroundings. I learnt to appreciate the beauty of lightening and the water droplets forming. I think often we judge things of first impressions…

The Unseen Beauty

Dear readers, The rainy season is coming soon, yet Cambodia is already so green. Our yard is bursting with flowers of many colors ranging from purple to pink to white. The plants are growing like crazy and they are so green. While we were away we saw the rice fields and they were so bight and vibrant and beautiful. the dirt is reddish brown and the skies are bright blue scattered with white fluffy clouds. This country is so beautiful and picturesque. I don't have to go far to find something beautiful to take a picture of for you guys. I often don't see the beauty so much anymore because I see it every day on my way to the center. But when I get the camera out. Through the lens I can see what I saw the first time I came here and went that route. I feel like that is the way very often in life. We just grow so used to what we see every day. today I challenge you to look out side and see the beauty of the place you are now. take a picture and show me on my google+. As usually I t…

Our Trip

Dear readers,
We spent three nights away from home. From Monday to Thursday we were away. First we went to a feeding center in Kabour Village. There they feed over one hundred children every day, with only five staff. We met the children there and listen to them sing songs. That day they received school materials instead of food. We also went up there mountain, but we would call it a hill. There were just under two hundred steps. There were bright green rice fields and blue skies as far as the eye could see.
The next day we drove further north to the David center, which is an orphanage. There we gave the children some uniforms that our church sent over. We also gave them some bracelets that some of the girls had made for them. We played with the kids and spent time with them. After two nights there we went to a church meeting before going to the Thai boarder to go to a market. Then we made the three and a half hour journey home.
We had an amazing time away from home. In my opinion th…