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"Why Are You White?"

Hey everyone, Today let's talk about race and by 'race' I mean a group of people related by common descent or heredity or ethnic group. For example Asian or Hispanic/ Latino. God made so many different people; so many different looking people; so many different beautiful people. He made people with white, brown and black skin; with brown, black, blond and grey hair. He made people with long pointy noses or wide round noses. He created curly, wavy and straight hair. There are people with brown, green, grey, blue or black eyes. There are long eyes lashes or short eye lashes; tall or short people and so may different body types. It really is amazing the diversity in our appearances.  Ever since I was little race or ethnicity didn't make much of a difference to me. It didn't make me change the way I thought of somebody or the way I treated people. I had and still have friends in every ethnic group. It makes no difference to me. And I had never really met serious racis…