My Realisation (Rant)

Hi readers,
This is going to be a short post because I just want to share with you a thought that I had the other day. So, yesterday during church I had a great realisation. I was sitting there (I don't know what we were talking about that made me think of this) and I thought to myself "I need to starting living in the moment." And I don't mean like Yolo. I used to think that it meant living for what will make me feel food right now, for what I want and desire in this moment. So I was kind of against the though of living in the moment. But I realized that's what I was doing when I procrastinated.
By living in the moment I mean doing what is best for me right now. We all have goals in our life. We have daily goals; Finish my homework, Cook dinner. We have weekly goals; Study for this exam, keep the house clean. We have yearly goals; Finish with all As, loose weight. And we all have lifelong goals; Get my dream job, be happy with who I am. With those goals in mind think about what you can be doing right now, in this moment, to achieve those goals. Which will help me graduate with all As; Studying or watching YouTube?
So, that's all I have for today. It was just a little thought I had and wanted to share it. Thank you for all your support. I am working on setting up a subscribing system so you can get notifications any time something happens here. That is coming soon!

 These photos were from a few weeks ago when my big sister and I were out having some sister time. We decided to stop and have a look around the local second hand shop. We were looking for something to give to our mum for mothers day. There is always something interesting to find at places like this, you just have to take the time to look. I liked these globes and in the end we bought vase and filled it with some flowers from a place near our house. We had a good time together!

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