Cutting Grass (Story Time)

Story Time!
I'm sitting here in a café with air-conditioning on my laptop working on a Modern History assignment while sipping on a smoothie when I look outside and to see a women. This is a young Khmer woman who is sitting in knee high grass in a public park with a black garbage bag next to her and a knife in hand (like a cleaver or something). She is cutting the grass. Yep in the middle of the day in the heat of the sun cutting the grass with nothing but a knife. She was there when we arrived and has been at it for over an hour now. She is sweating and is slowly cutting the grass one handful at a time; perseverance.
As I watched this woman cut the grass one handful at a time I realized just how lucky, blessed and privileged we are. We often take it all for granted. We are comfortable. We have education and stable jobs. Yet we complain about a broken computer, the broken air-con, if the food is too cold or when we have too much work. Yet this amazing young women is out there working to probably support her family and (maybe her drunk husband) and trying to get her children to school. She'll take any job she can get her hand on and do it with out a send thought or complaint. She'll work for what ever you'll pay her. She'll be wearing those same hand-me-down cloths next year I guarantee. She'll share her little lunch if need be and if you walk by she will surely give you a smile.
I want to be more like this woman. I will pray for you nameless woman and maybe one day we shall meet again.
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I didn't really know what photo would be appropriate for this weeks blog post. So, I thought this picture would be nice. It's a photo from when we were in Australia, before I even had this blog.

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