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Smile :)

Hi all,
Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to the Local Emergency Hospital with my Mother and Brother. There is a New Zealand Woman name Anne that I help. She is in charge of entertaining and occupying the patients. She gives them toys, books and games. My brother and mother play with the patients to help them pass time. Because most the patients cannot get out of bed they get quite bored especially the small children.
Anne also does a lot of crafts and creative projects. That's where I help out. But my story is not about crafts today. Last Tuesday my mother asked me to go with my brother to the children's ward to get a photo of him playing with one of the kids. Anne told me that I mustn't get/use any photo with their faces in it. The hospital doesn't allow us to put any photos of the patients faces on the public internet. So, I went with him and we found a little boy who was probably about five years old. His mother told us, through a translator, that the boy had falle…

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