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Hi there, This past month has been simply and wonderfully busy. It was filled with new people, adventures and a visit from my lovely cousin. Firstly, an intern named Josh was here for ten days. he came and taught English as well as helping out with anything that needed o be done. We were able to take him out to the bamboo train and spend a few hours out there with a lovely women we know named Srey. Then, as soon as Josh left our second intern, Ernie, came. We got to do a lot more with Ernie because he stayed for just under a month. But a few days in to him being here our cousin Chantal arrived and mum went up and got her. Sadly, mum came down with dengue fever after she got back from the airport. Thankfully she is back to full health now. We got to do a lot of fun things with Ernie and Chantal. Firstly, Yannick and I took Ernie and Chantal on the Bamboo train. Jordy and Dad went on the motto and met us there. We spent a few hours there talking and hanging out with Srey and her daught…

Fequently Asked Questions and My Answers

Hi there, As missionaries we often get asked many questions when we meet new people and often they are the same questions. So, today I thought I would answer some of the most common ones. Let's go! 1. Where are you from? I am half Canadian (Dad) and half Australian (Mum). I was born in Canada but soon after moved to Australia. We lived 10 years in Australia and then 4 in Canada.
2. How long have you been here for? We got here in April of 2015. So, we have been here for about a year and three months now.
3. And how long will you be here for? We don't know. We have no set date or even year. As long as God wants us to be here we will be here. I have to finish school before I though. So, I have at least a year and a half to two years left.
4. So how do you do school? I do distance education. I attend Brisbane School of Distance Education. It's all online. So, I have classmates, different teachers for each subject and I have to attend classes at a set time like usual.

5. What do yo…