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Millicent on Orlando (Rant)

This is the rant of my friend Millicent on the subject of the Orlando shooting last week. One of the strangest things happened last night.... So I was going to upload a typical photo with a quote on Facebook anyway do you think I could find that perfect quote? well I did... Only it didn't match the photo but it totally made me freeze for a heck of a time and I ended up venting to a close friend for an hour!! okay so what did it say? "we cut and kill flowers because we think they are beautiful...but we also cut and kill people because we think their not..."
Just let that sink in, you might have to read it again or a couple times I don't know but I'm positive you froze, or cried or got goose bumps or felt numb or maybe you felt the whole world stop for a second! So this was last night and I had no idea that on the other side of the world that this would become even more true than it was last night when I read it! It was quite odd that what I vented to this fri…

Too Much to Lose (Story)

There was a man who worked as a missionary somewhere in South America. He had been working in a Leper Camp. While working there he got to know a man who had been living in the camp for a long time. This man was very sick, in fact he was dying. He had no hands and no feet left because of the leprosy. He had lost his ears and nose too. He was a very sick man. The leper owned only two small things; a tin can and a small wooden spoon, nothing of much value if you ask me. When food was brought to him, they would put it in his little tin can. He would then use his arm stumps to lift the tin to his mouth and eat. He was a very poor, very sick man. Now this missionary man had been working with the leper for a while now, but he had to return to America. On his last day in the camp the missionary man, along with a translator, talk to the leper for the last time and begged him to accept Jesus as he was so close to dying. But the leper looked up at the missionary and said sadly "But I have …