Our Trip

Dear readers,
We spent three nights away from home. From Monday to Thursday we were away. First we went to a feeding center in Kabour Village. There they feed over one hundred children every day, with only five staff. We met the children there and listen to them sing songs. That day they received school materials instead of food. We also went up there mountain, but we would call it a hill. There were just under two hundred steps. There were bright green rice fields and blue skies as far as the eye could see.
The next day we drove further north to the David center, which is an orphanage. There we gave the children some uniforms that our church sent over. We also gave them some bracelets that some of the girls had made for them. We played with the kids and spent time with them. After two nights there we went to a church meeting before going to the Thai boarder to go to a market. Then we made the three and a half hour journey home.
We had an amazing time away from home. In my opinion the time went by too fast. But we are all happy to be back home.
As always thank you for reading!
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