The Unseen Beauty

Dear readers,
The rainy season is coming soon, yet Cambodia is already so green. Our yard is bursting with flowers of many colors ranging from purple to pink to white. The plants are growing like crazy and they are so green. While we were away we saw the rice fields and they were so bight and vibrant and beautiful. the dirt is reddish brown and the skies are bright blue scattered with white fluffy clouds. This country is so beautiful and picturesque. I don't have to go far to find something beautiful to take a picture of for you guys.
I often don't see the beauty so much anymore because I see it every day on my way to the center. But when I get the camera out. Through the lens I can see what I saw the first time I came here and went that route. I feel like that is the way very often in life. We just grow so used to what we see every day. today I challenge you to look out side and see the beauty of the place you are now. take a picture and show me on my google+.
As usually I thank you for reading again.
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