Culture and the center

Dear readers,
The Khmer culture is obviously very different to any first world country's culture. 96% of the population here in Cambodia identifies themselves with Buddhism. As you know my family and I are here to bring people to the lord. Here at the center we have a nightly bible study and worship time. We gather around in a circle on the floor. The students sing to God in Khmer and we sit back and listen to the beautiful sounds, wishing we could sing along with them. One of my parents will usually lead the bible study.
Each student here is provided with a bicycle. This is there mode of transport to and from school and markets. They may also bring their own if they have one. Some students even have motorbikes. This make for a fast trip.
Due to the heat in the middle of the day many Cambodians take this time to sleep. This is the most quiet time of the day. The Cambodians also wake early and go to sleep late because those times are the most cool times of the day. The markets are full and the streets are packed in the evenings and nights. This is the time people go out to have fun and go shopping.
 Thank you for reading and being interested in this new life of mine. I will write again soon.

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