Dear readers,
As some of you may know, on Monday we will be moving! No, not out of Cambodia or even out of Battambang. We will just be moving down the street into our own house that we will be renting. It's out of the center and not even three minute bike ride away. This will give us more privacy but also close enough to walk or bike ride to work/school.
for the past month we have been living in a wonderful guest house on campus. It's a three story house. Mum and Dad sleep on the first, Yannick on the second and Jordy and I share a room on the third level.
I have only seen the outside of the new house so far and I can't wait to see the rest. I have heard much about it. We have many fruit trees including mango and coconut trees, yummy! My sister Jordy and I will probably be sharing a room as usual.
I will up date you next week. Have a lovely weekend and thank you for reading.

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