A 25 People Mission Team

Hey there,
The next few months are going to be crazy! We will be working with a mission organisation called Adventures in Missions (AIM). They provide short term help to missionaries all over the world. Two of their programs are World Race and Gap Year. World Race are a squad of around 50 people between the ages of 21 and 35 who go to 11 countries in 11 months. In country they break up into teams of around 6 people. They help different missionaries and mission organisations with whatever they need. Gap year do a very similar thing. But, they are 18 to 21 year-olds and they go to 3 to 5 countries in 9 months.
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A few doors down is another double apartment. These teams and squads will be housed there whenever they come to Battambang. The girls will stay there but the boys, who are usually significantly less, will be housed in our house. My parents role is to watch over them all and help them if they need help. We will also help feed them all! Yes, we will be cooking food for fifty people most evenings. They have also graciously allowed us to hold one of our classes on the bottom floor of other house. This is so we no longer have to hold it in our living space. This will be safer and well and nicer to have more privacy. The very first team to be housed there will be arriving on Thursday the 14th of September. They will be a Gap Year Squad of 45. They will be staying for two months with a five day debrief and visa renewal beak in the middle. To make the situation even crazy, of the seven teams they will be here FOUR of them will be working with us!
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These fur teams will be made up of 25 people of all different talents and skill sets. So, we decided not to keep each team together and send them out as a team. Instead, we decided to look at each person's passions and skills. We then placed them in a ministry we hope they will enjoy. We are one team. So, if we place them in a ministry they don't enjoy or aren't good at they will not be happy. This will make our job harder and our relationship with them not as good. We want them to be happy and enjoy their time here even if they are a little out of their comfort zone. They will be doing all sorts of things such as teaching, cooking, and painting. They will also be playing sports, making a soccer field and doing crafts. They will sing, do puppet shows and talk to monks.
Right now some girls from the AIM base in Siam Reap are down here getting the place ready and furnishing it. It's the kitchen we have to set up at the moment. Everyone coming on the mission trips bring sleeping pads with them. So, at first, at least, we will not be giving them Mattresses. I will also be staying over there will we are hosting the boys here. If I was staying here I would be the only girl apart from Mum in the house and the only girls on the flour with ten other boys. So, I will join all the other girls over at the other house and I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun. 

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We are all very excited to see how this partnership goes and where it will bring us. I will keep you all updated on how having 25 people serving with us goes. As for now, It would be very appreciated if you pray for them all. This will be their very first month of their journey so we hope we can prepare them well for what is to come. For many it will be their first time out of the US and their first time on the mission field. Many things will be very strange and new for them. So, if you can keep them all in your prayers we would be very grateful. You can also pray for all the people who will meet them and
be affected by them. We hope that they will be able to make a difference in many people's lives.
Thank you all for your support and prayers. Until next time,

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