If Only for the Two

As many of you already know I get the priviledge of being a missionary here in Cambodia and I LOVE it! We have a learning centre called Ezra where English id taught Monday to Friday and Bible School/ Study on Sundays. 80-120 kids come to Ezra each day from the ages of 5-25. They come from all kinds of backgrounds and we love all of them! They are beautiful on the inside and outside. They are fun and full of smiles and good times. How could one not love them!?
Teaching English gives them skills that are valuable in the workforce here. Having good English can get you better jobs and help you be more successful in those jobs. It helps our students be able to interact with foreigners, which there is not shortage of in this country. It helps them get into better schools and ahve more opportunities in general. But we do what we do for than just education. English is a door for us to be able to teach the kids about God. English draws them in and then we get the opportunity to love them as Christ does and to tell them about Him. And so far God has used Ezra to bring two kids into his Kingdom.

Lee May
This is Leng and Lee May. They are cousins and come from Budhist families. Lee May has been coming to church with us for some months now and Leng has been coming for a couple of weeks. Lee May is a prayerful, very wise and Kind girl and has incedible disernment and strength for a girl her ages and such a new faith. Leng is a mischeivous, fun and kind boy. He is so much fun and always brings a smile to our faces. They are now a part of our church family and often spend all morning on the weekdays and most of Sunday with us. Please pray for both of them because when they return home they return to people who do not understand them and their faith. When they return home they are alone in their faith and when they return home they have to face their family who do not nessesarily always approve. Prayers are always appreciated.
If God where to call us home tomorrow (Which I doubt He'll do, but you never know) I would be happy to do so knowing that two lives were changed and many impacted. Two is not a big number and we know that. It is not our job to bring children to God. That is his job and we are mearly his tools. Two is not a lot compared to the other 120 kids we get the pleasure of teaching each day. But these kids are learning and experiancing something new, love! Many of them are not loved in their home so this is new. It takes a while for them to figure it out. It takes them a while to understand. Then it takes a while for them to learn why. We have learnt that this subtle love makes an imact and one that can be used to show these kids Gods love for them and eventual salvation. It takes time and is not something to be rushed. We see far too many half-hearted salvations and ones that were ade to please the foreigner or gain some rice. Two is not many in our worldly standards but angles are rejoicing in heaven because two more were added to the eternal kingdom of God. I would be happy to leave tomorrow because those two will impact more people. Two is just the start and God will use them for good in their country even if we aren't here. He can use anyone, anywhere, anytime. If it was only for the two it was all worth it!
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