To the Market

So in Cambodia we get our fruits, vegies, eggs and, if you dare, meat from the markets. It a place where many people sell many different things. Sometimes it smells, sometimes its noisy and  sometimes its dark. But non the less its an important part of our lives. We go almost every day to get fresh food for the day.

You can buy much more that fruit and vegies though. There is also plenty of rice! Well, that makes sense since many people eat it with every meal. It's cheap and goes with just about everything. If something isn't already pre-packaged you pay by weight. Chose your rice the chose your weight and they'll bag it for you. sometime I love going to the market, sometimes not so much.

There are also these little shops that sell a whole bunch of random stuff. Coconut milk, Salt, Garlic, Soap, Soda and plastic bags just to name a few things. They are just full to the brim. It's hard to find what you need it them sometimes because it's so full and they don't always have the same things in the same places.

Morning market trips are relaxing and fun. Even if it isn't a piece of cake I still enjoy the adventure!
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