Fequently Asked Questions and My Answers

Hi there,
As missionaries we often get asked many questions when we meet new people and often they are the same questions. So, today I thought I would answer some of the most common ones. Let's go!
1. Where are you from?
I am half Canadian (Dad) and half Australian (Mum). I was born in Canada but soon after moved to Australia. We lived 10 years in Australia and then 4 in Canada.

2. How long have you been here for?
We got here in April of 2015. So, we have been here for about a year and three months now.

3. And how long will you be here for?
We don't know. We have no set date or even year. As long as God wants us to be here we will be here. I have to finish school before I though. So, I have at least a year and a half to two years left.

4. So how do you do school?
I do distance education. I attend Brisbane School of Distance Education. It's all online. So, I have classmates, different teachers for each subject and I have to attend classes at a set time like usual.

5. What do you do here?
We do many things! The main thing is teach English. We hold two classes each week day at our house. Mum and Dad teach the nurses at a hospital. There Yannick plays with the patients because it's a trauma hospital and many patients are bed ridden. I also volunteer there. I make homemade paper then things from that like books, boxes and bags to help raise money for the patients. Dad teaches at another hospital and Mum leads a Bible study at a dental clinic. Mum, Jordy and I also lead a girls Bible study for some teen girls from an orphanage down the road.

6. Of all the places you've lived where is your favourite?
This is a very difficult question to answer. I love all of the places I have visited and lived in for different reasons. I love Australia because it is so beautiful and has amazing beaches. I have family there and my favourite schools have been in Australia. I love Canada because of the people and so many great memories were made there. And Cambodia. This country is SO beautiful. I love the simpler more relaxed way of living and we have some amazing friends here.

7. Do you like living in Cambodia?
Yes, I love living in Cambodia. This country is stunning and I am continuously being amazed and reminded of God's glory through it. I have some amazing friends who come from all over the world from the Philippines to New Zealand to the USA. I have also made the most personal growth here and it will always be link to great memories. So yes! I love living in Cambodia.

8. How did you react when you heard you were coming here?
To be totally honest, I broke down crying! My siblings were excited. I tried to hold the tears back but that only lasted about 30 seconds. We had only been in Canada for four years and I was sad that I had to leave those friendships already. But as time passed I grew more excited and saw what a great opportunity it was. And now looking back, I'm SO glad we came here!

I am very sorry I have not put out a post in about a month. I have been very busy this past month with teaching, groups and school work. Thank you so much for reading this weeks post and I appreciate your patience and understanding! I hope this was either interesting or helpful!

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