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This past month has been simply and wonderfully busy. It was filled with new people, adventures and a visit from my lovely cousin. Firstly, an intern named Josh was here for ten days. he came and taught English as well as helping out with anything that needed o be done. We were able to take him out to the bamboo train and spend a few hours out there with a lovely women we know named Srey.
Then, as soon as Josh left our second intern, Ernie, came. We got to do a lot more with Ernie because he stayed for just under a month. But a few days in to him being here our cousin Chantal arrived and mum went up and got her. Sadly, mum came down with dengue fever after she got back from the airport. Thankfully she is back to full health now. We got to do a lot of fun things with Ernie and Chantal.
Firstly, Yannick and I took Ernie and Chantal on the Bamboo train. Jordy and Dad went on the motto and met us there. We spent a few hours there talking and hanging out with Srey and her daughter. Then they decided that we could take the motto back with us on the bamboo train. So, that's exactly what we did.
We took two mottos out to Phnom Banon. Chantal drove one with Jordy on the back and Ernie drove the other with me on the back. We hiked the many, many stairs to the tops and had a look around. Its a really cool little place. We then had some oranges and went back down. 
 The next adventure was Phenom Sampov with Yannick and Chantal. We took and tuk-tuk out there and spent all morning on the mountain exploring and seeing new things. Even though I've already been there twice before there were still new things I hadn't seem before with was lovely. We went to the highest point of the mountain and I felt to fee and at peace there. God made such beautiful nature and I am so grateful for it.
Photo Credit; Chantal
Chantal and I also went on the back of a motto for a little tour of the town one afternoon. Battambang means lost stick. So, I took her to the Mr. Battambang statue (That's what I call it). I took her to a market so she could see what a bigger one looks like. We also went to a second-hand shop and had a look around. And lastly, we had a lovely Chia Latte and Gloria Jean.
And finally, the last thing I'll be sharing with you is Svay Sar. I have been going out to this village every Sunday for the past three or four weeks. We have a little sunday school, then snacks and drinks and then we go and play some sports. It's a lovely place with wonderful kids. It's so much fun and I have been enjoying my time there so much.
So, that is a little bit of what I have been up to this past month. Obviously I couldn't post all of my pictures or else you would be here forever. If you would like to see more I have posted more on my Facebook. That's all from me for now. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will talk to you soon ;)
Darcy-Rea Theriault 
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