He Gave Me Life

Today I decided to share with you a poem that I wrote recently as I looked back over the past years and how far I have come since then. This poem describes my personal journey with God and a bit I my testimony in a way. The poem is titled 'He Gave Me Life'. I really hope you like it!
He told me he loves me,
But I didn't believe him.
He told me he saved me,
But I didn't care.
He told me he hears me,
But I didn't listen.
He told me he holds me,
But I ran.

Then He gave me love,
And I believed.
He gave me grace,
And I cared.
He gave me peace,
And I listened.
He gave me life,
And I lived.
We each have a journey in life and mine has brought me through some tough times. But, now I can see that God was with me through it all and his love is above all things in my life. Now, because of it all, I am in a wonderful place living and growing each and everyday. Remember that through everything God is always there; looking over you, guiding you, strengthening you and protecting you.

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