A Letter to Me

If I could say anything to the younger me this is what I would say...
To the 5 year old me,
You have the right to wear a bright pink skirts whenever you so desire! Sure wearing a skirt to go camping isn't practical, but you'll always look amazing...and cute. Trust me, it makes for very cute photos. Don't you ever give up on your dreams and don't listen or live for other people. You are a beautiful human being. Don't listen to the bullies and their words. Continue living to the fullest. Remember to just be the bubbly, fun loving kid you are for as long as you can without caring about other people's opinions.
To the 10 year old me,
You survived and came out stronger, congratulations. You will grow even stronger over the next years. And don't worry! Moving to Canada is not the end of the world. You will reconnect with the friends you are leaving behind and that bond you have to leave behind will be even stronger when you find each other again. And you will make many new friends in this new country. But through it all remember that God is your friend and he will never leave, forget or betray you.
Dear 13 year old me,
Hey, have you forgotten who you are? Have you let them get to you? Look up to the heavens and know that He loves you. Those people, those so called "friends" don't really care about you at all. You don't belong with them. You my dear can and will do so much better. You have potential and you can and will turn yourself around. There are people in your life you will always love you no matter what. And remember  that the world does not evolve around you.
To the 14 year old me,
Again it's not the end of the world. You will learn to love Cambodia and the people you meet there. It will teach you so much about your heavenly father and about yourself. Don't be surprised by the people who actually care about you and those who don't. At least you know who really loves you now. Love your family, because they will be with you through it all. Remember to put all you fears and worries into your father's hands and he will take care of you.
To The 15 year old me,
I'm so proud of you! You gave learnt so much in the past year and you have grown up so much. You are still growing though so never turn down advice. Learn to forgive and learn to live. Remember who you are and never give up on your dreams.
And most importantly, your father love you!

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