Millicent on Orlando (Rant)

This is the rant of my friend Millicent on the subject of the Orlando shooting last week.
One of the strangest things happened last night....
So I was going to upload a typical photo with a quote on Facebook anyway do you think I could find that perfect quote? well I did... Only it didn't match the photo but it totally made me freeze for a heck of a time and I ended up venting to a close friend for an hour!! okay so what did it say?
"we cut and kill flowers because we think they are beautiful...but we also cut and kill people because we think their not..."

Just let that sink in, you might have to read it again or a couple times I don't know but I'm positive you froze, or cried or got goose bumps or felt numb or maybe you felt the whole world stop for a second!
So this was last night and I had no idea that on the other side of the world that this would become even more true than it was last night when I read it! It was quite odd that what I vented to this friend is what I would be venting right now having heard about this atrocity in Orlando.
"The brain is a really powerful thing you know and it's amazing how smart it can make us. But it's upsetting to watch how dumb we are when it comes to the real world. We've spilt the atom, found the cures to the rarest diseases in the world and now made cars that can drive themselves but they still haven't found a way to fix 'stupid' or maybe that's what they've been trying to tell us, but this whole time we only thought that was just a saying...funny that."
I was walking with that same friend on the beach the night before last night and that's when I took my sunset photo if you saw that and I was rambling on about how beautiful it is that we can walk on this beach without fear of who's going to die next, when the next war is, who is going to pull out a gun, or let a bomb go off. How much more beautiful does that make this place?
well sadly I can no longer preach that and walk on that beach or any beach other in this world with that feeling again, why? because today's the day I lost faith in everybody including myself! and that day should never ever come! and it shouldn't have to be like this! You should be able to walk on a beach with happiness not trembling with every step you take and wonder if this step will be the last step I leave on this earth. You shouldn't have to go to a nightclub and fear if the stranger dancing next to you is going to pull out a gun and if this dance will be your last dance! we shouldn't have to live in a world of fear and hate!!!!
"How does a tiny fish that doesn't know how to talk knows what its soul purpose in life is and no matter what it does it doesn't make any mistakes. Like, oh if i fall in love with this fish it's going to impact me and every other fish. Or if I eat this fish its going to impact others so on and so forth.... but how come a talking person who knows what our soul purpose in life is yet no matter what they do it always a mistake.
How come a tiny fish the size of my pinkie get life right but we can't?" Because it's not the 50 people he killed last night or the 53 he injured too he's killed the whole world last night in different ways including himself!

P.S. Check out my prayer page. I have some things I would love to be prayed for! Thank you.
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