(Stroytime/Rant) On Year

Hi Everyone,
So, on the eighth of April we celebrated one year of being in Cambodia. One year ago everything was so new to me and I could barley believe that I was actually here. And now I can barley believe that it has already been a year since then.
This time last year we would have been in the guest house in the Transform Asia Trade school. We would have just gotten back from Anlong Veng a day or two before. We stayed there for about three or four days. I spent my days there playing with the children and on the last day we celebrated the Khmer New Year with a water and powder fight. When we got back to Battambang there was more water and powder this time from strangers as we drove down the road in the back of a pick-up. We were practically living of the bakery as we were unfamiliar with the Khmer food and didn't really know how to cook here yet.
This year is a little different though. We had a quite Khmer New year. We went to a local orphanage that we are involved with to eat ice-cream with the children who had not gone back to their home villages. We also stayed in a villa where we did a lot of swimming and we definitely took advantage of the air-conditioning. Now we eat spaghetti, sausages, fries and couscous. Once in a while we do eat some rice.
What will the next year have in stall for us? Most of it I have no idea, but there are a few things that I am expecting. Firstly I will turn 16 and finish grade 11. God willing I would like to start an online TESOL course so that I may professionally teach English as a second language. Once again, God willing we will see our cousin in June who is going to see us on her way to Germany. There is so much unknown, but that what makes life fun and makes me trust God. Thank you to all those who support us!

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