Dear Bully

Dear Bully,
Life is so beautiful. But some people make it their personal mission in life to make others loose sight of that. There are people who tell you that your not worth it; that you'll never amount to anything, that you're ugly or dumb. But despite what they tell you you are beautiful deep down inside the darkest chamber of your heart. I know that you are hurting but the hurt that you dish out could amount to something much worse than a cuts on an arm or a change in schools. Those words that you once heard from your father or 'friend', the ones that hurt you....will also hurt others. I finally got over you, you moved on from me, and I got your words. You gave me my battle scares and they have made me who I have become. In a strange way they are my one of my prized possessions because they are me. I have defeated your words and your laughs that lingered in the back of my mind for all these years. But others won't. Others will not move on, other people won't be strong enough. Their perspective on live will be so blurred that they truly believe that the only way out it to quit, give up and end it all. They will leave this world with your words buzzing in their minds.
So, dear bully. Here I am, a survivor. I fully feel and understand the pain and the hurt shat is stored up in your heart, but there is no reason to pass it on to another innocent person. All you want it just to be happy, to feel loved and wanted. Well, guess what so do I. That girl you just called ugly wants to feel beautiful again. That short guy in Gym class he wants to feel strong for once. And did you know your sister wants to feel loved and accepted by you. So take my advise and just take time to be happy by loving life and loving the people around you. Only you can pick yourself of the ground. Only you can make yourself happy. That's your job, not mine. Smile :)
From Me.

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