I'm Back!

Hi there,
You haven't heard from me in quite a while now. The reason? Procrastination mostly. But I have been busy too. Since I last wrote to you I have made a wedding cake, went on a small vacation and started 11th grade to name a few things. It is also officially 2016. I know I'm a little late in saying so but I will still write 2015 for another two months. This year will be amazing and filled with wonderful things I can just feel it. I will turn 16, that's crazy. Anyway, as you can clearly see I am back. And I plan on keeping it that way. I may not post every week like I used to but I plan on posting at least every two weeks.
Sometimes it's hard to get inspired because you can't force it. You can encourage it, but never force it.  How do I get inspired? Many ways. I like to listen to music and draw. I also like to look at other peoples photos but my favourite way is just to get out there with a camera and do it. I like to go crazy and take photos of everything. Because it's better to have too many than miss that perfect shot. Take pictures of anything that looks remotely interesting, inspiring or beautiful. Sure they may be some bad ones but there are bound to be some good ones. So whip out your camera and go have some fun!
As always,

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