I Wouldn't Want to be Anybody Else but Me

Hi all,
Have you ever wanted to be like somebody, look like somebody, be talented like somebody.  I guarantee you that somebody in this world wants to be like you, look like you, be talented like you in one way or another. The people of this world are like snowflakes; no two are alike and each one is beautiful.
There are so many factors that make each person unique. You can start by looking at somebody and saying that no two people look alike. There are many factors that go into each person's appearance: their eye color, eye shape, the color and texture of their hair, the shape of their eyebrows, the thickness of their hair and eyebrows, their height, their shape, how hairy somebody is, the shape of their face, the size of their feet and hands, their skin color and their proportions.Then there are personality traits. You could say somebody is kind or mean, generous or greedy, shy or bold, introvert or extrovert, creative, artsy, sporty, good with numbers, good with music. Somebody has a language brain while somebody else has a musical brain. And there are too many more unique things about a person for me to even name.
The chances that you are you exist it's amazing, incredible, unfathomable. You are so lucky to be you, you should never take it for granted. Where you live, who your parents are, who your siblings are if you have any, what house you live in these are all things that you should never take for granted because they are unique to you. Take a moment to consider the chances of you being you; reading this right now, where you are, with the things and people you have around you at this moment. It is so incredible, amazing, unfathomable.
Have you ever wanted to be like somebody else, look like somebody else, or have somebody else's talents?  Because right now I wouldn't want to be anybody else but me.
Thank you for ready,

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