The Children of Our Future World


Hi all,
The children you see are four of the children we are blessed to see each week. But they are only four of the children of Cambodia. Theses four children will be a part of the future Cambodia. We hope these children will help change Cambodia, to help Cambodia, along with the rest of their generation. The have a long way to go in life. Their story is incomplete.
They have also come along way in life. You can see have they have scares just like you and me. They have seen things and lived through things harder than anything I have seen or lived through. They have so little and are of little value to so many. Yet these are the Children of the future Cambodia. We are leaving this world to them. They watch us. They observe our actions. Our actions influence them. Our actions may change their future, the children of the future world.

P.s. I give credit to my mother for helping me capture these photos.

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