Macro photography

Hi all,
Today I busted out the macro-lens.  I love macro photography. It can help you see the world or a scene in a different light. And I think it's a lot harder than let's say street photography because on top of not planning your shot you also have to get really close to your subject and stay really still.
I was once told that a photo begins when you see/imagine your shot. It all starts with your imagination even before you take your camera out. But then you have to decide how to capture it. Which angle is better and how much light do you want. Which lens is better and what angle do you want. These thing can make all the difference. I have discovered that so many things in life are the same. Like writing a book; you start with the story line. A trip or vacation begins with a longing to travel, adventure or simply get away. Or baking; you start with craving or image in mind. In fact, just about any form of art starts before you put your brush to the canvas. For me it's sometimes harder when I go outside with my camera in hand. Often it's just better to take a walk. And with some things sometime you just need to look a little closer, get a little lower or change your angle. I am blessed to be able o do what I love. I don't think there is an excuse for not doing it.
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