Maya and Enna

Dear readers,
Today I decided to introduce you to two beautiful young girls. The first one you see is Maya. She is the youngest and lives here at the center. She was raised that the David Center in the north of Cambodia but is now living here with her mother. Maya is an enthusiastic learner and her English has been improving.

The second beautiful young girl is Enna. She is no longer living here. She is older than Maya and quieter. She is shy a but very sweet. She stayed here for a few months while her mother was having a baby. Her aunt was also here and they both left about a month ago to go back to live with their family. Enna is not currently going to school.

These girls were good friends and spent all day together. I am sure we will see Enna again though. I will introduce you to more of our friends here another day.
As always, thank you for reading.
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