Riverside Ride

Dear readers,
There is a river that flows through the middle of town. The river divides the town in half; one side is the commercial side and the other is the industrial side. Often when we talk about  a place we will ask "Which side of the river is it on?" Mum and I ride along the river usually once every week when we go to a store in town called Heng Chey Lee. This is where we get all of our more western food; including pasta, cookies, juice and sweets. The river is very peaceful during the day with not too many people out and about. But when night falls the paths are crowded and people are everywhere. It's cooler during the evening and night so everyone goes out at the time.
In the video the river is fairly low, but once the monsoon rains come it should fill up much more. Not too many boats are seen down the river but occasionally you may see one. Often there are boats tied to the side of the river.The more poor people will bath and swim in the river to clean themselves. But it is very dirty and unclean water.
Sorry I haven't written much this week. But I should hopefully be getting back in the swing of things very soon. As always thank you for reading.
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