New House!

Dear readers,
Yesterday we moved to our new house! It takes us about one minute on our bicycle to get to the center. Here in Cambodia the fences and gates are very big. In addition to having a big gate ours is very colorful. We have a nice driveway lined with lanterns. There is a small barque area in the garden. we have many fruit tees including guava, banana and orange. The fruit aren't ripe yet as they were picked just before we moved in.
It is considered a luxury here to have wooden furniture. They are all engraved with beautiful patterns and flowers. But The fact that everything is made out of wood makes it very hard to move furniture around because they are very heavy.
 We have eaten outside so far because it is much cooler and we get a breeze. But we do need to get some more plastic chairs because we only have four at the moment. There are many things we still need to get including mats, pots and some sheets. But once we get our boxes the house will feel much more like home.
Once again Jordy and I are sharing a room. Ever since we were little we have shared our room and we like it like that. We will also be doing our school work in our room.
Thank you for reading.

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