Our Trip to Siem Reap

Hi Everyone,
Before I start with todays post I just wanted to say sorry for not posting the past couple of weeks. I've been very busy lately and just couldn't find the time to write. I was house sitting so I had more "chores" than usual. It was my last week of school and we went to Siem Reap for a while. So yeah, I'm sorry about nor being around much. However, Now I'm done with school for two months so I'll probably be able to post every weeks for a while! Anyway, since I've been so busy I though I'd tell you about some of it.
So, Last Saturday (26th) My whole family and I got on a bus at 8:00am and headed to Siem Reap for a four day stay. The bus only sat ten people and of that ten eight of us knew each other so it was a lovely rid their with friends. That evening e got together again with some friends who were also visiting Siem Reap. We had Pizza and good conversations.

On Sunday, our friends who live in Siem Reap picked us up at 7:30am in their car and we spent three hours on the road going to a village. All of us "kids" (3-20) sat in the back of the truck/ute. There were eight of us so it was a lot of fun to spend time with them. When we got to the village we had a little Sunday school with the kids there. It was a lovely little building and the kids were very friendly. We then went to the house of a mad who had had leprosy and their black pepper farm. That was really neat to see because I had no idea how black pepper was grown. We said a prayer with the family then moved on.

On the way back to Their house we stopped for a little while at a waterfall. Ms. Laurie fell in while trying to cross some mossy rocks! But she didn't get too wet because it wasn't deep at all.

We went back to their house and had a lovely dinner with them there. My little brother slept over at their house that night because they have a son his age and they're good friends. The rest of us headed back to the hotel for the night and a good sleep.
 Then it was Monday! On Monday some of our friends from the previous night came to pick mum and I from the hotel. They took around town so that we could do some shopping and buy some things that we can't get here in Battambang. It was so good to be able to get some different things and spend more time with them. That afternoon we did some second hand book shopping with was fantastic since I was out of books to read. That evening we got back together with our friends and they took us to the top of a mountain so we could watch the sunset. It was a very colourful, pretty sunset.

Then together we all went out and ate pizza and hamburgers. We said our final goodbyes and sadly parted ways. We went back to our hotel rooms and they went back home.
And finally is was Tuesday. That morning we all just relaxed and spent time together. Then we had our final lunch together as a completed family and dropped Jordy off at the airport. Yannick and I went for a swim when we got back to the hotel but that was all for the day.
Then it was Wednesday. We got onto another bus around 8:00am again and headed for home. It was a fantastic trip and we did a lot of great things with friends. I'll miss my sister of cause as she'll be away for two an a half months. But this next month bring a lot of fun and exciting things and I can't wait for it all to come!
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